What Can You Buy for $27?

I have had it on my To-Do list for a few weeks now to send out an announcement about the launch of my strategy-filled online courses. I was hoping to come up with something clever to entice folks to check them out. As I sat here this afternoon contemplating how to encourage y’all (practicing my South Carolina slang) to sign up and/or invite friends to join me, I thought out lout,
I wonder what I could buy for $27.00?
Then I came across this article from 2019 and it made me smile. So I’m sharing it with you for entertainment purposes . . . but with the ulterior motive to add in a plug for my 1-Day Trauma-Warrior class. Anyone can sign up for $27!

So, your choice . . . poop emoji slippers or self-care. I, personally, think you deserve both.