The Healing Place Podcast: David Stone – Unsubscribing from Anxiety; Fearlessness; Changing Mental Habits; Goal-setting vs. Decision-making

Grateful for the opportunity to engage in an enlightening conversation with David Stone as he joined me to discuss:

  • his book Unsubscribe from Anxiety: Opt out of the myth that worry is required and take charge of your own life now
  • what is fearlessness?
  • the impact of changing our mental habits
  • goal-setting vs. decision-making
  • and so much more!

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“David Stone is a transformational speaker and author, dedicated to helping people overcome the anxieties, worries and self-doubts that keep us all from achieving our highest potential. Fed up with the fear, anxiety and self-doubt that got in the way of the life he wanted to live, he set out to find a better way. Now he shares what he’s learned through books, workshops, online courses, keynotes and blogs. He is a provocative, inspiring and disruptive writer, speaker and change agent. He makes hard topics accessible and helps people enjoy the expansion of their comfort zones. He firmly believes that your parachute can’t open till after you’ve jumped out of the plane.

David is a professional member of the National Speaker’s Association and a Certified Trainer in the Jack Canfield Success Principles.”

Learn more about David and his mission at:

Peace to you all!


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