The Healing Place Podcast – Jondi Whitis – Energy Psychology, Tapping with Kids, & EFT Tools

Such an insightful, passionate, inspiring, and hope-filled conversation I engaged in with Jondi Whitis, MTOT, NYC. Please join us as we discuss:

  • energy psychology
  • EFT, TFT, and TTT approaches to healing
  • her two upcoming book releases, including Compassion in Action: Emotional First-Aid for Children
  • along with her two books, EFT Training for Mastery and How to Be a Great Detective
  • a practice tapping session
  • and more!

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“JONDI WHITIS lives and works in New York City using a handful of tried and true techniques to help others achieve their goals, and overcome challenges, fears and doubts to become their personal best. As she likes to say, “My best tools are warmth, honesty, humor and intuition, harnessed to my years of study and experience with people of all walks. I believe the willingness to listen, be of service and celebrate each soul I meet with joy and gratitude is at the heart of my success.”

An Accredited, Certified Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer of Trainers for the most popular Energy Psychology protocol, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Jondi holds credentials from all the top EFT groups, and sits on the Training Board of the original, global EFT association, EFTinternational. This organization, originally called AAMET, is a registered educational charity and leader in standards for accredited, professional EFT training. She has a BA in Psychology and is a former Teaching Artist in NYC public schools for the largest educational grant holder, LEAP.

Jondi is well-known for her years of streaming podcasts on EFTRadio & BlogTalkRadio. A founder of TapFest, the first Intentional global community site, TappingStar, which focuses upon children, and founder of the collaborative community of US energy workers, Spring Energy Event, now in its 8th year.

She continues to develop integrative EFT workshops for all kinds of groups – kids, parents, trauma, veterans, and healthcare professionals. Each month you’ll find her sharing transformational techniques; an integration specialist, Jondi delights in sharing knowledge and experience with both licensed health professionals, avid wellcare workers and caregivers of all kinds.

She welcomes anyone to try the loving, affirming results of EFT by contacting her here: or”

Learn more about Jondi and her mission at:

Peace to you all!


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The Healing Place Podcast – Lorna Minewiser, PhD: Transformational Coaching

What a beautiful connection with a compassionate soul as I sat with Lorna Minewiser, PhD to discuss such topics as:

  • energy psychology and energy coaching
  • the benefits of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in trauma recovery
  • her own personal story of triumph over a phobia
  • the work being done globally to aid healing
  • and more!

Welcome to The Healing Place Podcast! I am your host, Teri Wellbrock. You can listen in on iTunesBlubrrySpotify, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Podbean, and more, or directly on my website at You can also watch our insightful interview on YouTube.


“Lorna Minewiser is a Coach who is passionate about sharing what she has learned over the last 30 years. In 1988 she went back to college after more than 20 years of being a housewife, mother, realtor and volunteer. She finished her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology in 1992, her license as a Counselor in 1995, and her PhD in Psychology in 2001. She became fascinated with alternative systems of learning and healing while she was in her PhD program at Saybrook Graduate School and has been learning about and practicing them ever since.

Although she was a Licensed Professional Counselor for 15 years she prefers to work as a Coach and has done so since 2002.

She has taught Energy Psychology classes in Clinton Township, MI, Charlotte, NC, Sacramento, CA  and through teleclasses and webcasts.  In 2006 she received the Certified Energy Health Practitioner designation  from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.(ACEP)

In personal  coaching sessions she might use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Touch and Breathe, Healing Codes, Emotion Codes,Body Code, Energy Medicine techniques, or something else that could help you make the changes you want in your life.

She has taught high school, college, and teacher continuing education classes. Her PhD dissertation “Eliciting Mental Models: Images of teaching and learning” has been published and she has had several articles published as well. In the spring of 2008 she conducted a research project on using EFT to reduce Test Anxiety. She was chair of the ACEP research subcommittee on EFT for Research. Recently she participated in the Veteran Stress Research Project. Lorna has co-authored an article about the replication project and has a case study article published.”

Learn more about Lorna and her mission at:

Peace to you all!

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What is Exposure Therapy?

What is Exposure Therapy?

(The following article comes from borrowed snippets from a conversation thread in the ACEs Connection community in response to my asking for guidance regarding Exposure Therapy)

“Prolonged Exposure (PE) is the most researched treatment for trauma related disorders around. It is also a “gold standard” treatment – meaning its efficacy is top of the line. Dropout rates for trauma treatments are statistically the same for all approaches. Part of the symptomatology of PTSD is avoidance. That is (the) basis for the prolonged exposure, to have the client face what they are avoiding, especially the more disturbing aspects of the traumatic event(s) as measure by subjective units of distress (SUDs). 

PE involves having the client relive the trauma over and over again until SUDs begin to go down. Your homework would include listening to recordings of your sessions outside the treatment room. You may also be assigned to expose yourself to anxiety provoking stimuli outside of sessions based on a hierarchy of fears and anxieties working on the most anxiety-provoking antecedent first.  As previously stated, the goal of therapy is to reduce your SUDs level to a manageable point. Even though SUDs were developed by a behavior therapist (the “B” in CBT which is the general classification of PE), the late psychiatrist, Josepf Wolpe, SUDs are also used in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). 

The research indicates there is no statistically significant (difference) in any of the approaches with the exception of EFT, which doesn’t have a significant research base, though the relatively fewer studies indicate EFT yields promising results.

If you would like more information on PE, you might want to get a hold of a copy of Edna Foa’s, the creator of PE workbook, that is written for PE clients titled Reclaiming Your Life From a Traumatic Experience (2007).”

Please remember: Healing is possible and you are so very worthy of that gift!